Taking a Leap Into New Girly Territory

Anyone who knows me knows that I have not one girly bone in my body! I grew up a hard core tomboy and never thought I would change. Well, now I can proudly say that I have taken new leaps into my womanliness LOL….

So, without further adu: 

I present to you Whitney 2.0: the new and improved and lipstick loving woman you now will embrace and love! LOL 

So, like I said before, those that knew me in the past life knows that this is the leap of all leaps! I was a firm believer that any form of makeup would NEVER hit my face. Well here I am, in the flesh rocking lipstick; and not just any lipstick, MAC lipstick! This particular shade is Diva…and I love it! 

I have found a newfound love for lipstick now and I never thought I would look good in it until I actually tried it out! It’s actually not half bad! I guess you could say this is apart of my #NewYearNewMe2016 movement (which is just me being silly because everyone else is doing it). I have found a different site I want to try for lipstick that I’ve heard good things about, and is way cheaper than MAC (I’m not fully committed to 17.00 a tube right now LOL). So stayed tuned peeps, you will probably see more of me and my fantastic journey through lipstick land, LOL!