Taking a Leap Into New Girly Territory

Anyone who knows me knows that I have not one girly bone in my body! I grew up a hard core tomboy and never thought I would change. Well, now I can proudly say that I have taken new leaps into my womanliness LOL….

So, without further adu: 

I present to you Whitney 2.0: the new and improved and lipstick loving woman you now will embrace and love! LOL 

So, like I said before, those that knew me in the past life knows that this is the leap of all leaps! I was a firm believer that any form of makeup would NEVER hit my face. Well here I am, in the flesh rocking lipstick; and not just any lipstick, MAC lipstick! This particular shade is Diva…and I love it! 

I have found a newfound love for lipstick now and I never thought I would look good in it until I actually tried it out! It’s actually not half bad! I guess you could say this is apart of my #NewYearNewMe2016 movement (which is just me being silly because everyone else is doing it). I have found a different site I want to try for lipstick that I’ve heard good things about, and is way cheaper than MAC (I’m not fully committed to 17.00 a tube right now LOL). So stayed tuned peeps, you will probably see more of me and my fantastic journey through lipstick land, LOL! 

6 thoughts on “Taking a Leap Into New Girly Territory

  1. Lol Looks lovely! I’ve always had tomboyish tendencies until about 25 or so… and then I just turned into a girly girl to the point where my favorite color now is pink. Pink! Who does that? Me. lol Hope you enjoy your lipstick journey and share all the shades with us! (Sidenote: I do still sit with my legs open at times…so I still got it in me a lil bit… it’s honestly a more comfortable sitting position but I digress) Anyway, Happy New Year! ๐Ÿ™‚

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