Cole World

So I had the opportunity to experience J. Cole in concert on 8/15/15 in the ATL. I must say it was well worth it. The amphitheater was lit and it was by far the best thing I’ve experienced all year.

J. Cole came out with an album, 2014 Forest Hills Drive last year sometime, and he performed the album from beginning to end! I personally enjoyed it because I bought the album and I love it, so hearing it was not a problem for me. Alot of people go to concerts for one or two songs from an artist, or they only do their popular songs. I’m glad J. Cole did his whole album, because if not, what if I wouldn’t have heard No Role Modelz, or Hello, Love Yourz, or any other song he may not have chosen to do? I would have been disappointed to be honest. He made the point that a lot of people go to a concert to hear that one song they know and to me, that’s a waste of money. I’d rather see the challenge that more artists do their whole albums, or a good bulk of them. Cole had a 10-song album, so it also didn’t take forever. He also gave us songs from his older albums too. Overall, I had a damn good time!

I posted on IG recently, that I don’t have many “favorite rappers” and the reason being is that, a lot of them don’t rap with any substance or meaning. J. Cole is one of the realest rappers I’ve heard in a while, which is why I like him. I also like Forest Hills Dr. because it has some meaning to it. There are messages behind the lyrics in this album and i love that.

His album basically tells the story of his life, his rise to fame and his viewpoint on that said fame. He even had about a 10 minute convo on how he doesn’t understand how the American Dream can have money, cars, big houses and the “genetically impossible” spouse (lol), yet still be so miserable with life. It definitely makes you think if all that money is really worth it, if you can’t even have a moment of true and pure happiness with it.

Overall, I loved the show. It made me dance, it made me emotional, it made me think. I appreciate J. Cole for giving his all in that performance.