Your Love Never Existed for Me

I had fallen for you,
So much that my soul yearned for any one of your 5 senses.
I didn’t think it was possible, but you brought something up out of me that I thought was buried under a mountain of regret and broken hearts. 

You were honest, you were pure.
And that scared the shit out of me because I never knew men could actually express those types of emotions for a woman.
I mean, I had only known love in between silk sheets and Hennessey; one night stands and 1am text threads.
Never someone’s priority but the #1 option when their happy lives turned solemn. 

You took your time in loving me because you knew this was new for me. 
You didn’t rush me to love you.
You didn’t force yourself on me and you didn’t expect anything in return.
You told me to take my time, take time to inhale your love and exhale my pain.
Put my baggage in the corner and leave it there because with you, I didn’t need my past; all you wanted was my present and in time, my future.

Your type of love never existed for me.
Your love was a new drug laced with sincerity and empathy; and I didn’t know how my mind, body and soul would react.
I talked with God on several occasions asking Him where men like you lived, so that I can pack my bags and move where they were.
So I could find a man that saw me as a prize, and not a notch.
Imagine my surprise when you were exposed to me in a dream.  And then I find you in reality and I couldn’t fathom how God made it possible.

Your love never existed….
Your love was a novelty….
Until you found me
And now I know God is love and is real.