The Power of Influence

Never underestimate the good you do in this world for others. We truly do not know how much power we have to positively influence the people around us.

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What if I told you that inventions were built on your smile? If I told you, that babies were made from your good morning? That because of you someone glided their way home today. Kissed sunshine into the arms of a loved one, or sat down to give birth to their first poem. Trembling and afraid, virgin to this moment they do not know about the Sanchez in their blood or the Maya on their skin but you loved them today. What if I told you that inside the creases of your armpits were hugs that wrote masterpieces, which sang platinum albums, which wiped away tears as easily and as gently as music? What if I told you that your words were music? That someone somewhere is listening to you strum their pain with your fingers, with your keyboard, with your pencil and pad, with your words alone you Lauryn…

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