What’s Your Definition?

Everyone has something that defines them.  It’s usually in their introduction of themselves. It’s the one thing they take pride in, that thing they want you to know more than anything else they talk about. Most times, that is all they talk about.  Other times, you see it shine through them naturally.

I firmly believe that everyone has their own definition, or several, and it’s your duty to tell the world what it is. You could take pride in one thing or all things. The way you prioritize what defines you is up to you, and I feel it isn’t anyone’s place to judge your ranking.

I have been mulling this question over in my head for a couple weeks now, and sadly, I haven’t come up with an answer. And I’m not sure why because I have quite a few things that define me already. I feel like I have this determination to be successful at something, but haven’t quite gotten to the point of God bringing out what that is. I feel like when He is ready for me to know, he will let it shine through me. I believe in that whole-heartedly, so is don’t try to push it. It is hard, because I feel like as I transition into my 30’s I want to be standing firmly in the positions I hold in my family, my work life and in the essence of who I am as a person.  I pray to God that if I’m grasping for something unrealistic, then to let me know. If not, put me on the path where I can find it for myself and strive in it.

I don’t want this to seem like I have neglected the other things that define me. But let’s put it this way: You’re a puzzle.  Someone has managed to put all your pieces together to create who you are, but there’s one puzzle piece missing. What is that piece? How do they find it?

I feel like I have a puzzle piece missing and I want to find it, to be complete. I guess I’m going to just continue to pray about it and see what God says. 🙂


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