Ramblings and Rants: Finding THAT Job…..

So, I am job searching again.  Not because I loathe my job, I actually like my job; I just wouldn’t mind doing it in a more private sector, or possibly coming back to it when I’m older and when my daughter is older.  My daughter is growing up right before my eyes. And with social work or any human services job, it takes a toll on seeing your family, being able to be as present as possible.  I’ve been blessed enough so far to have been in a pretty easy-going county (not too many late nights/early mornings or constant hustling), but with me moving to a much bigger area, I’m afraid that this will change quickly, and with commuting time, possible late nights at the office, and just the overall pace of the area….I may be getting home later, and worse; spending less and less time with my child.

I definitely don’t want to be that person that sees their child’s life fly by and I was working too much and didn’t get to witness it.  For this reason, I think I want to change careers.  My only problem, is I don’t know what!  Every time I attempt my job search, I think “What do I want to do?, Private sector or public?, Stay in my field or change fields?, How do I even change into a new field?, Where are the ‘we’ll-give-you-a-chance’ jobs?”  You see why I hate looking for a job? Lol.

I have 2 degrees (Bachelors’ and Master’s) in Criminal Justice, so all my jobs have been catered to what my education is in, and because of that, my experience is catered to that as well.  I have about 3 years experience in this area now (combining all the jobs I have had), but I am truly tired of hopping from one job to the next. I have averaged about 1 job per year that I have been working, give or take. I want to look for a job, and I want it to be THE job, the job where I don’t have to continue to wonder if it is really where I want to spend the next 20 years of my life.

I’ve considered throwing all of my cautions to the wind and dive into a freelance writing career.  I have been looking for jobs and actually applying, and also trying to get published in some literary magazines so that I can have something to put on a resume or letter. I want to just quit and take that chance, but I got bills and a baby, and my husband and I definitely cannot take that hit right now, especially with our goal to buy a house.

I’ve also thought of starting my own business. The problem there?  What the hell would I sell?! Lol.  I have a ton of skills, and I write them down all the time, but how exactly do I put that into a business? I am not sure. I figured this would be my best bet, because I feel like if I can’t find joy in working for someone else, work for yourself.  Which is why I want to be a writer. I know that with being a writer I can have some level of flexibility and freedom (or at the very least, get to work in my pj’s or sweats if I wanted to 🙂 ).  Idk….these are the constant thoughts and ramblings of my head.

Hopefully I will find the job for me.  Until then, I have no problems with the job I have now when I truly think about it.  I just pray that it doesn’t keep me away from my family too much.

Any ideas on possible career paths for a 27 year old with no idea what she wants to be when she grows up? Lol…..