Being Plus-Sized is Ok!


Me in the gym on vacation! Dedication? Maybe 😛 

I have embraced that I will possibly be plus-sized for the rest of my life, or at least by society’s standards. I have been on this health kick for almost a year now, starting in June 2014 when I was cleared for activity after having my daughter.  It has definitely been a roller coaster, but after trial, error, quitting and just pure out frustration, I am on the fast track to dropping weight.  Now, I have really started to dig deep into what I would like my body to look like, and how I would feel.  I have come up with the conclusion that I love the way my body is shaped, and I would like to be more solid (muscle wise) and have a smaller midsection.  I have big hips and a big butt, and I actually love those two things about me.  I have somewhat of an hourglass figure, so I want to keep that. Because of this, I realize that I will always be considered a “plus-sized” girl.  And I have finally realized that I am ok with that!

Being plus-sized is merely just a classification of clothing.  Once you go over a size 12, you could be considered plus-sized.  I know that most of the plus-size fashion stores usually start at 12, even though if I can get down to a 12, I wouldn’t feel plus-sized, but hey…I don’t make the rules. Right now, I am currently flirting with an 18…and I feel that is mainly to compensate the stomach, hips and butt.  My goal before was to get down to a 12, or maybe even a 10.  Now, I just want to get down to a solid and comfortable 14, maybe even a 16.  I feel at a 14/16, I will still keep my beautiful hips and booty, while having a slim midsection and waist, and continue my bustiness up top, Lol.

What brought this on was a picture I saw posted on an Instagram page that I follow dedicated to fitness.  When I saw the picture, I immediately knew that her body was what I wanted my body to be.  Ii then realized that her hips were big and she had a big butt, but she looked great, and she probably doesn’t wear a size 10, but she is a healthy weight and her body looked amazing and that is what I want. I screenshot the picture and I put it in my “workout motivation” folder, so I can remember the goals I set for myself. I definitely feel great now that I am not working towards being super skinny.  I want to be, “slim-thick” (that’s what I believe they are calling it these days, lol). Plus I have always wanted an athletic tone and build to my body as well, so a few muscles definitely wouldn’t hurt J.

So, from here on out, I am on my way to slim-thickness! And if I am considered plus-sized, SO WHAT!!!!!


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  1. Hope Marie says:

    You go girl!


  2. There’s great success in getting your body to look the way you want it, but there’s greater success in shunning stereotypes and societal ideals and realizing that your body already looks the way you want it. So congratulations! It’s harder to tame the mind than it is to tame the body, and you’ve done that 🙂

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