….Now What?

Something major has just happened in your life. Life-altering, dare I say an Earth-shattering change has been made and your world just became uprooted from underneath you. There are days when you don’t know when you’re coming or going; days when you don’t know left from right; days when you don’t even want to getContinue reading “….Now What?”

Atonement and Apologies: Why they MUST Go Hand in Hand

When I was younger; I didn’t understand the concept of being accountable for wrong actions. I was told that I needed to apologize, but it wasn’t until I was older that I learned the importance of a behavior change that actually accommodates the apology. When dealing in the spaces of consequences and mistakes, apologies areContinue reading “Atonement and Apologies: Why they MUST Go Hand in Hand”

I Bought Clothes. Lol

So, I sort of went against my challenge to myself yesterday, but I am glad I did. I originally told myself that I would not buy myself a stitch of clothing until I lost a substantial amount of weight.  I was all for this, until I realized I have no winter clothes, and a pairContinue reading “I Bought Clothes. Lol”

Ramblings and Rants: Finding THAT Job…..

So, I am job searching again.  Not because I loathe my job, I actually like my job; I just wouldn’t mind doing it in a more private sector, or possibly coming back to it when I’m older and when my daughter is older.  My daughter is growing up right before my eyes. And with socialContinue reading “Ramblings and Rants: Finding THAT Job…..”

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