So, It’s Time to Move on….

Well, it’s becoming pretty surreal that I am moving from my hometown.  I won’t reveal too much information right now, but I just know that it is officially official lol.  It is a very weird feeling and I must say I have been mixed about it.  On one hand, my itty bitty town is just too itty bitty for me now, and it is definitely time to move on.  I did what I had to do when I got here, and now the time has come to spread my wings and fly a little further from home. On the other hand, I am a bit nervous about it.  It will definitely be a new thing for me, being that my family is here, and it is my strongest support system.  Moving away from that is scary, but the women that raised me have basically molded me into a woman who can handle all things.  I am pretty excited to begin my own lifestyle in a new place. So, pretty soon, a new chapter will emerge for me and my family.  I will plant my own set of roots and grow from that point.  I see so much more opportunity for myself and my family, and I hope everything turns out well for us.

Keep me in your prayers as I get closer and closer to setting up shop in a new town, lol.