Footnotes for Kanye

One of my favorite poets just dropped some serious heat with her new poem, “Footnotes for Kanye”. I’m not even going to waste time with saying how powerful the poem is, I’m going to drop the link and let you hear for yourself!


My Open Mic Experience

On 11/21, I went to the second open mic night held in my hometown.  I posted this post describing my newest quest on the bucket list of life, which was actually performing at an open mic night.  Well, with the support and encouragement from friends and family, I didn’t chicken out, lol! I performed one of the poems I wrote earlier this month.  It was frightening to be on stage, letting people hear what I wrote, constantly wondering how they would react, or would they just sit there looking at me like I was crazy and the worst poet ever (thank God they didn’t)!

If I could give myself a grade, I’d say it was about a C….I was completely nervous, reading off my phone, didn’t make eye contact or barely even move while I said my piece, lol.  The most important part is that I crossed the biggest hurdle, which was actually performing it in the first place!  Now, I am preparing to perform another piece in January.  Being that I will have a little over a month, I am going to try to memorize the piece and possibly be a little more into it, rather than standing awkwardly on stage, not aware of what to do with my hand, and praying I don’t drop my phone from the nerves, LOL!

Clearly, I am my worst critic, but I am very proud of myself for taking that step and actually doing something that I have always wanted to do.  I can only hope that this is just the beginning and who knows, one day I might be the feature for a show (big dreams)!

Here is the video of my poem, titled, Addicted.  Enjoy and please leave any feedback possible! I definitely will be doing this again and want to improve!!

My Upcoming Leap

So, this may not be a big deal for some, but I will be performing at an open mic night this month….

*pause for reaction*

I’ve never been so nervous in all my days, but I need to take a leap of faith sometime. I’m working on some new poems, and so far I haen’t finished one because I’m not convinced they are perfect lol.  I will work on finishing one this week.

Hooray for leaps into new territory!

Know your Lane

A lot of people tend to speak on subjects in which they know nothing about. We want to peg ourselves as experts, yet haven’t done the edtensive research behind those aspects; or better yet, they just have not lived in them.  I like to believe that there is always a life twin; a person who has gone through things exactly as you have and can give you the wisdom of their experiences.

For those of us, who are looking for the answers to life’s struggles, who long to find their twin; they are out there.

And for those of you, who disguise yourselves as those who have been here before and done that more than once, but truthfully haven’t the slightest idea how to help those who long for support through their struggle; know your place in this world, know your lane. And stay there.


It’s morning, a little before dawn,

before even the animals wake.

Before the sun breaks its silence over the sky,

and illuminates the sky.

My eyes open and embrace the day,

as it bids farewell to the night.

I sing praises to my Most High

for the opportunity to live life right for another 24 hours.

I revel in the peace of my space,

and how I can take precious moments to focus on each breath I take.

I enjoy this moment with myself,

this moment to meditate on the anticipated positivity that this day can produce.

I make amends with the past, love in the present,

and make hopes that the future is full of eternal tranquility.