I’m Just Venting

I named this post “Untitled” because I really don’t know how to title these thoughts. Normally all I can do is shake my head every time I see another unarmed teenager shot and killed by a police officer. Everyone around wants to say “it’s not about race, don’t make it about race”, but with all the media you see surrounding it, how can it not be about race? Although I am a woman, I am also African American. I worry just as much as the next person about who is watching me and who is labeling me without even knowing me.

I am a wife. I am a mother. I work a full-time job with pretty decent benefits. I am professional and respectful to anyone I come across. I try to leave a good impression on people, because that’s just who I am.  Now, I wonder how the media would portray me, if someone attacked me or gunned me down. Would they highlight the fact that I have locs? Would they try to find any little thing on my Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to label me as “ratchet” or defame my character? I feel that even when you think nothing in this world could possibly taint your image, if someone wants to make you seem like a bad person, they will do it.

I feel sick to my stomach every time I hear about another shooting. It seems like it is every other week now, and that is a damn shame. Half the time, I don’t even want to watch the news, because it breaks my heart just that much to see the headline “unarmed black teen shot”. I wonder when black lives will matter.

Just wanted to get that off my chest.