As A Black American, I’m Exhausted 

Advertisements **Just my thoughts as a Black woman in this America** You may wonder why I don’t say a word about the things I see happening to my people.  You may question my dedication or enthusiasm to the “movement.” Let me explain to you why I can no longer find the words to say myContinue reading “As A Black American, I’m Exhausted “

Another Day, Another Face, Another Hashtag

Advertisements So I wake up this morning, and have the unfortunate task of having to stomach yet another video posted on social media of a man being shot and killed.  This morning, I saw another name as a hashtag. #AltonSterling


Advertisements Because it matters ….

If you Didn’t Know Jesse Williams Was Woke, Now you Know.

Advertisements If you were watching the BET Awards last night, then you know that Jesse Williams was given the 2016 BET Humanitarian Award.  If you watched further, you would have heard this young gentleman render a powerful and thought-provoking speech.  I was listening to him, and I immediately got engrossed in what he was saying;Continue reading “If you Didn’t Know Jesse Williams Was Woke, Now you Know.”

Will Things Get Better?

Advertisements An unarmed Black man gets gunned down by police, because they posed “some type of threat.”  Man or woman ends up dead in police custody in a jail cell.  Everyday I look at social media or the news and another person has been shot and killed.  Everyday, I see a new #JusticeFor… hashtag.  Everyday,Continue reading “Will Things Get Better?”

Do Black Lives Matter to Us?

Advertisements My husband and I were having a discussion about the latest tragedies, where innocent black lives are being taken for no particular reason. I told him how it literally made me sick to think about; to know that yet another man/woman/child is being slain by a white person. I am usually not one toContinue reading “Do Black Lives Matter to Us?”

Will Justice Be Served ?

Advertisements Once again, news broke of a White police officer shooting an unarmed Black male because of “fear for his life”.  In this particular incident, Officer Michael Slager was arrested and charged with the murder of Walter Scott.  Based on video footage that was released, it was evident that Slager made a bad decision, andContinue reading “Will Justice Be Served ?”

I’m Just Venting

Advertisements I named this post “Untitled” because I really don’t know how to title these thoughts. Normally all I can do is shake my head every time I see another unarmed teenager shot and killed by a police officer. Everyone around wants to say “it’s not about race, don’t make it about race”, but withContinue reading “I’m Just Venting”