Self-Care Sunday: Give Your Skin that Glow

This week for self-care I want to highlight something very simple yet very relaxing that I do once a week; sheet masks! I’ve been doing sheet masks for a couple months now and I must say I LOVE them! I do one at least once a week (sometimes twice depending on what I’m doing it for) and it’s been very beneficial to my skin care routine!

I have done different sheet masks for different purposes; whether it’s to hydrate my skin, detox, clarify or brighten. Nothing feels more refreshing than seeing your face glowing and fresh from doing a relaxing sheet mask.

Usually when I do my sheet mask, I take the time to meditate, read, or just rest for about 15-20 while the mask does it magic. This is also a perfect time to squeeze in some quality quiet time if you’ve had a busy or hectic work day/weekend. Usually if I can’t find the time to unplug or get a few minuts to myself, this is the perfect time to do that. So, I’m essentially multitasking with my self-care with this idea 😉.

The benefits of a sheet mask typically depend on what type of sheet mask you are using and what you’re wanting to achieve with that mask. If you want to detox your skin, then you can get a detoxifying mask (which typically has charcoal in it), if you want to put moisture back into your skin, then a hydration mask is best, and you can even by a mask with putting properties that will unclog your pores and have your skin feeling fresh and new.

In addition to what I do to cleanse my skin daily, this is a great weekly addition to your routine, if you’re looking for spa-like treatment from the comfort of your own home. Just put it on, set a timer and prepare to unwind for a matter of 20 unbothered minutes!