Self-Care Sunday: The Chakra Alignment

Recently, I’ve been into researching and learning about chakras, and how benficial it is for mine to be aligned in order for me to be completely balanced. Chakras were something I had gotten into last year, and it is carrying over into this year and I’m definitely taking it more seriously. I’ve noticed how a deep practice and discipline into it and meditation makes me feel more spiritually and mentally aligned, which is primarily one of my focuses for 2018.

First, i want to provide a few highlights about chakras, for those of you wondering, “what the heck are your chakras?!”:

* A “chakra” is a spinning wheel of energy located in specific places in your body.

* There are 7 main chakras, that move from the base of your spine to the crown of your head.

* Chakras are also associated with different colors and energy sources.

Sometimes, you can immediately tell when your chakras are out of alignment. If you are having trouble dealing with things emotionally, having a hard time communicating effectively, or when your life generally feels off balance, your chakras possibly need to be worked on.

Working towards balancing your chakras can come in a number of ways. The number 1 way is through meditation. Some people may focus on one specific chakra, if they are aware of what part of their life needs balancing, while others will meditate daily to keep all chakras aligned. I am someone who meditates and aligns all chakras every day. If I feel like I was particularly drawn to one specific chakra, I will spend more time on that chakra; however, I am usually meditating and focusing on all 7.

There are several resources and a wealth of information on the Internet about chakras and their origin, how to best practice and how to benefit your health and well-being. It is a natural fact that when your body feels good, your overall mood is better. Aligning and opening your chakras allow you the opportunity to become more centered with your body, gain clarity with difficult situations, and improve your rest, emotional and even sexual energy.

So, if you meditate regularly or want to find a way to start a healthy balance on your body, try incorporating a focus on your chakras for better balance and emotional stability.