Becoming Exhausted, and With Little Hope for Change.

I’m pissed.

It’s hard to understand.

I need to understand why this keeps happening.

Why is it that brown boys and girls continue to be killed at the hands of law enforcement. Why are the excuses becoming more asinine and irrational.

Daunte. 20 year old father, is now dead. And I don’t care what the reason or excuses may be. The bottom line is Daunte should’ve walked away from that encounter.

Instead, his life was taken by a police officer.

I can’t even begin to describe how exhausted I am with the sadness this brings every time.

To watch mass murderers be safely escorted into custody; yet, Daunte Wright was shot because a 26-year veteran officer “thought” she had her taser instead of her significantly heavier gun, is completely disgusting and disheartening.

I become more and more numb as these tragedies occur. I also become more and more frightened at the thought of what may happen if I’m ever stopped by the police.

Police officers are trained to protect and serve, keep the peace and make people feel safe.

I’ve never felt more unsafe in their presence in my life.

My most heartfelt prayers go to Daunte’s family; specifically his son, who will never understand or be able to rationalize how his father was taken from him so early in his life.