Becoming Exhausted, and With Little Hope for Change.

I’m pissed. It’s hard to understand. I need to understand why this keeps happening. Why is it that brown boys and girls continue to be killed at the hands of law enforcement. Why are the excuses becoming more asinine and irrational. Daunte. 20 year old father, is now dead. And I don’t care what the…

I Don’t Know How to Feel

I sat down at my computer yesterday, trying to formulate some words about how I feel. There’s so much criticism in a person’s silence about the current issues were facing; the murder of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor and countless others that have suffered the horrific an unjustified and untimely death. But, I want…

Say His Name Too.

Charles Kinsey has been added to the list of victims of police shootings.  He was unarmed and fully complying with law enforcement. The only difference between him and others is that he fortunately lived to tell his story.

Another Day, Another Face, Another Hashtag

So I wake up this morning, and have the unfortunate task of having to stomach yet another video posted on social media of a man being shot and killed.  This morning, I saw another name as a hashtag. #AltonSterling


‘Cuz I slay…   Check out Beyonce’s video here:    

Will Things Get Better?

An unarmed Black man gets gunned down by police, because they posed “some type of threat.”  Man or woman ends up dead in police custody in a jail cell.  Everyday I look at social media or the news and another person has been shot and killed.  Everyday, I see a new #JusticeFor… hashtag.  Everyday, a…