So, I’m a #PlantMom now? 🤔☺️

The quarantine has brought on some new journeys for me; and one of them has become plants, and growing different herbs and veggies!

It all sort of started with my daughters Earth day project. You know when your kid gets the seed and they plant it and watch it grow at school? She got to do that at home (because COVID). She was so hyped about caring for her plant and watching it grow, that she wanted to do more things. So we went on YouTube and found some ideas on things to grow. So far, she’s got Lettuce, onion, and celery growing and she loves it!

Watching her enjoy growing veggies, made me interested in maybe also having a few plants at home. So I went to my local Lowe’s and Home Depot (before knowing they support the Trump campaign, lol) and I found a few houseplants that would be impossible for me to kill.

So far, I’ve had most of my plants since Memorial Day or sooner. It’s been pretty fun watching them grow, learning more and even finding new ones to add to the collection. I started with 6, now I have 9 houseplants, a baby romaine lettuce, a red onion and some mini celery stalks, some sage and cilantro! Me and the kid have our own little personal garden and plant nursery in here! Lol!

I really hope to keep this journey going. Plants are actually really calming and peaceful; and if you have the right ones, they bring a nice aesthetic to your home. Having plants reminds me of my grandmother. She used to have plants all over the house, and even outside as well. I sent her a picture of them and she was pretty proud of me, so I think I want to keep it going for her. 🖤


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