People Watching…

Sometimes when I watch people, I am mesmerized. As a storyteller, I tend to veer off into a world full of imaginative stories about people; about what they have seen, what they have experienced, who they know, who they love…anything is possible.

I think people watching is a bit of a stress reliever. Sometimes you need to be out of your own world, and take a deep dive into someone else’s (even if it is imaginary). I have made some of the most heartwarming and elaborate stories about people I see; between the woman sitting in Starbucks on her computer, to the couple standing outside their car in the Walmart parking lot, to the woman sitting in the waiting room at a doctor’s office. Sometimes the stories could be good, sometimes twisted, sometimes bad. But the art of storytelling is partially an ability to be versatile in how you develop a narrative. It also strengthens the writing muscle for me.

So, if for some reason you see me staring off into space, or heavily in tuned with a person or people, don’t mind me; I’m just creating their alternative universe in my brain….a simplistic joy for a person’s who’s mind goes a mile a minute.