Nano is Approaching, This Time I Will be More Prepared

The last two Nano’s have been a complete mess. I gave up on myself within a week. The spark wasn’t there for me for a while, so I gave up before I could even get into the swing of it.

This year, I will be more focused; more disciplined. I have to, because I have to get this content out to the world soon.

I have about three projects I am working on, and I also am currently working on researching screenwriting. My dream is to have my PWF series adapted into a film; and I am the type of person to have a lot of creative control over the things I create. For that reason, I am going to do as much research I can, and I’m even willing to go to school for it if I have to, but I would like to expand my writing skills into several different genres.

But, back to the goal at hand. I am going to start practicing for Nano. I will start writing periodically throughout the day. Definitely between 930-1030 at night. Also on Saturday mornings after I leave the gym. I have to get a routine started now, so when Nano comes, I can hopefully be finished with my biggest project and be prepared to start the editing and beta reading phase.

Nano is coming people, we have to get ready!