Letting Go and Letting the Universe Handle it


How many times do we hold on to the stress and weight of others’ burdens?

Why are the individuals labeled “strong” not allowed to be human?

Sometimes, letting go is a means of survival. It is a stress reliever, it diminishes levels of anxiety, etc. The simple art of letting situations go and allowing them to be what they are going to manifest into is like very good for the soul. I found even in myself that some situations I have to let go in order to maintain a level of sanity and peace.

When I was younger, I would NEVER open up and let things go. I would usually hold everything in; I would become very silent and completely bottle up all my emotions and never really express them. Now that I have grown up, I’ve experienced a lot of things that have effected me mental,y, physically and emotionally. Because of that, I’ve learned that certain things you have to let go in order to be at peace with yourself. If not, you will continue to fall down a negative path.

So, I think we owe it to ourselves and our mental stability to learn to let go of certain things, and let the universe take ahold of our negativity and handle it. Let peace come into your life and be free of negativity.

3 thoughts on “Letting Go and Letting the Universe Handle it

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  2. This is a great article about not holding onto things via internalization. I have struggled in this area, but I’m doing better now. Thanks for sharing!

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    Love this reminder!!! Thank you! Xoxoxo

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