A Journey Through Self.

Advertisements I’m thinking of doing a series of blog posts dedicated to a series of things that I am wanting to rediscover about myself: Self-Acceptance Self-love Self-Acknowledgement Self-Esteem All of these things obviously have a common denominator; self. Ive realized throughout the year, my posts have somewhat dealt with a lot of what I’m goingContinue reading “A Journey Through Self.”

“You Don’t Look Sick” – Why You Should Stop Saying This

Advertisements A few weeks ago, I went to the doctor to discuss an extension on medical leave that I had. I had a conversation with him about what I was experiencing in relation to my depression and anxiety. During the conversation, he made a statement to me that sort of bothered me. He said “youContinue reading ““You Don’t Look Sick” – Why You Should Stop Saying This”

Letting Go and Letting the Universe Handle it

Advertisements How many times do we hold on to the stress and weight of others’ burdens? Why are the individuals labeled “strong” not allowed to be human? Sometimes, letting go is a means of survival. It is a stress reliever, it diminishes levels of anxiety, etc. The simple art of letting situations go and allowingContinue reading “Letting Go and Letting the Universe Handle it”

Self-Care Sunday: Let the Tears Flow

Advertisements Sometimes our best self-care comes from emotional releases. Most times, emotional release comes from a specific issue or incident, but other times, release can be just because it needs to happen.  You may be having a mediocre day at work, going through issues at home, and even though those things may not tip youContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Let the Tears Flow”