Your Ignorance Does Not Get My Sympathy

This past MLK Day, another non-person of color surfaced in the media for a video that she posted on her Instagram, for blatantly spewing the N-word several times with no real care in the world from what it appears.  According to her, I guess her being in the south gave her the authority and the permission to say the N-word with no remorse.

A University of Alabama student and member of Alpha Phi, Harley Barber apparently decided to go against what her friend suggested she NOT do, and post two videos on social media where she continues to state how she hates “n*****s” and doesn’t care that she says the word, because, as she says, she’s “in the south now, b*tch.”

Yea, ok girl.

Obviously, I have numerous issues with this; one, she is clearly ignorant for thinking that she can just call African Americans the N-word because she lives in the south and that’s just what people do.  Apparently she thought we weren’t dragging people for filth down here at a moment’s notice when we were called out of our names. Two, the article clearly outlines that her friends told her that she shouldn’t post the videos on her social media, because not only is she making herself look like an ignorant fool, but she is also making herself a blaring embarrassment to her sorority, but I guess she could care less about that; and anyone who had something to say about it she gave them a swift middle finger in the video also.

Well, good thing her organization had some kind of class and taste, because they quickly pulled the plug on her membership status.  On Monday, she posted the videos, by Tuesday she was out of her sorority (you know, the one she claimed she wanted to be in her whole life), and by Wednesday she was out of school and on her way back home to New Jersey.  Upon learning these things, she released a statement stating she felt horrible and did a really bad thing.  When she was asked about if she considered the advice her friend gave her (on camera during the second video that was posted to which her friend advised her not to post the video), Barber even said that she was an idiot for not listening to her!  Well guess what? Your ignorance gets no sympathy from me.

Your idea of making racist videos to post on your social media pages for kicks and giggles and thinking you won’t get caught is not funny and you won’t get any leniency with Black people.  You will not get a hand to hold or a shoulder to cry on as you relocate back home because you let ignorance and stupidity cost you your opportunity at being in school.  Because you thought it would be funny to post racially ignorant videos, you are now known for that label, and no one will respect you or have any pity for your behavior.  Yea, you did a really, really bad thing, but you’re an adult and you have to suffer the consequences.  And no, there is no guarantee anyone will be there to accept your apology.

To read the article in detail, or to watch the videos, click here .


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