A Narrative Change in 2018

Hello 2018…
Here we are again at the inception of another year.  Another opportunity to set intentions and goals for ourselves; to start routines that we may or may not commit to our memories by the end of the year.  The beginning of the year is a time that everyone is all too familiar with and we have all had times and can share memories of how we have said goodbye to 2017 in our own way.  Some of us partied, some of us didn’t.  Some of us brought in the new year in church, while some us were home.  No matter what you did, I hope that we were all safe and sound when the clock struck midnight and 1.1.18 was upon us all.
Now that toasts have been made and celebrations have been completed, it’s time to manifest some of our successes and goals for a prosperous year ahead!  I wrote in a post a few weeks ago (that you can read here) about one thing we can all choose to leave in 2017, and I hope that we all didn’t bring that thing into the new year.  I know that insecurity is something I chose and it was something I reflected and meditated in heavily and vowed to try not to bring into my energy in 2018; and I hope to keep that negative vibe at bay in the new year for myself.  I thoroughly believe that the last few weeks has been a trying of my patience and resilience; however, I have managed to make it to this point and I am bound to leave that and a lot more negative things behind in the year 2018.  I have also vowed to agree that if that means a change in lifestyle, career, etc, then so be it; but I have to go into 2018 spiritually, mentally, physically and emotionally sound and I intend to leave it just the same way I came into it, and even better as well.
A part of creating a new and better year for yourself, may creating a new and refreshing personal narrative.  A lot of times, we get tired of hearing the same ol’ story about ourselves.  We tend to get bored with who we are need a change.  This is when you may realize that it is time to begin a personal narrative change.
Here’s how you can take a much needed shift on your personal narrative for 2018:
  1. Take a self assessment and see what needs fixing, then ask yourself these questions:
    • Are you happy with where life is taking you right now?
    • If not, what do you see you want to change about it?
    • Do you know the steps are in order to change it?
    • Have you gotten comfortable in life?
    • If money was no object, what would you want out of life? What would your ultimate goals be?
  2. Take charge of your life and how you’re planning on reclaiming it.  Don’t let anyone else tell you how your life should look or feel.  Customize your goals and intentions to fit YOU.
  3. Isolate the things you can control; do NOT let things you cannot control effect your plan.  Your plan needs to only be centered around the things you can control in life.  When your setting goals to changing your narrative, you have to make practical, sensible and measurable steps towards achieving them.  Don’t shoot for the rafters if that’s not attainable for you. “Taking two small steps forward will be better in the long run than taking giant steps forward only to be knocked 5 steps back later.” (Quote this in the post)
By implying a few of these steps, you will be able to take the necessary steps towards changing your 2018 narrative.  If for no one else, do it for yourself, and see if you feel any better about the outcome of your life and how you plan on taking charge of things in the new year!

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