Does EVERYTHING Happen for a Reason?

Whenever something happens; good or bad, I am  a firm believer that it has a reason.  Call me superstitious, but that is how I’ve always chosen to believe.  When the stars align and things fall in place, I believe that there is a reason that those things were meant to fall in place for me in that point in my life.  On the other hand, when something that I have hoped for doesn’t pan out, or something that I expected to happen doesn’t happen the way I had intended, I do believe that there are divine reasons behind why the things that we expect should happen in our lives, don’t happen.

Maybe there are reasons that we cannot understand right at that moment, or choose not to understand because of our frustration or anger around not getting what we want out of life; however, after those initial emotions subside, I tend to hold on to the belief that there was something aligned in my life that would not have been beneficial for me to have those things in my life at that moment.

Just this week, I experienced having to tell myself that there was possibly something in my life that wasn’t for me, and for some reason (maybe unbeknownst to myself at this moment) what I wanted to happen in life just wasn’t meant to happen at this point in time.  Despite how passionately I may want things in my time, I have to remind myself that “everything happens for a reason”; and sometimes, those things often happen for my benefit.