Do you all listen to podcasts? Last year, I would say is when I started getting real heavy into having a rotation of podcasts that I listen to on a regular basis. I don’t watch much TV outside of my ratchet Mondays, and TGIT; so I’ve been substituting listening to podcasts on some days instead of watching tv when nothing is on. When I look at my Podcast app, I’ve developed quite a healthy rotation, so I decided to do a spotlight on each of my faves for you guys! Here goes!

  • The Read

The Read is at the top of the list because it was the first podcast I came across  to start listening to when I wanted to get into podcasts.  I had heard about them on Twitter and decided to give them a shot.  That was over a year ago and I haven’t looked back.  Kid Fury and  Crissle are truly my best friends in my  head and listening to them is  like sitting around on the couch on a friday night drinking and talking about all the bullcrap that goes on in the world.  From pop culture to politics, if you want to hear a good unfiltered and unedited opinion on how they feel about something, make sure you’re downloading The Read’s episode every  Thursday.

  • The Friend Zone

Because who in the hell wants a musty brain? As soon as I found out Crissle and Fran  had friends with a podcast, I blindly subscribed to it; not knowing what I was getting into.  Little did I know I  stumbled upon another gem!  The Friend Zone is my mental escape and the place where I get ideas about my mental wellness with Fran, new music with Assante and get the recap on whatever has happened on tv that week with Dustin. Fran, Dustin and Assante are just what I need to get a good laugh in when I’m having a rough week and will clue you into some amazing perspective about life that you never thought about.

  • Gettin’ Grown

When Gettin’ Grown came out and I heard the concept, I thought, “this is EXACTLY what I need to be listening to!” Gettin’ Grown is your weekly sit down at the kitchen table with Jade and Keia, as we discuss the struggle through this thing we call adulting, and how many of us are barely getting it right! Despite the hurdles, Jade and Keia are there every week to give advice and personal experience on how to get us through.  They highlight people who own their own businesses or who are out  here slayin’ life, we  sit down  at the kitchen table  for some  real life discussion, have a good laugh at some of the petty peeves  in our lives and even highlight  some of our  favorite self-care techniques!  Gettin’ Grown is a podcast that everyone who has crossed into the adulting  threshhold needs to  listen to just to know that you aren’t  the only one  who has a hard time getting  life all the way together!

  • Jade and XD

Jade and XD is my random podcast.  There is usually a topic with Jade and XD, but  most times, I listen to them because a lot of it feels very sporadic and feels like random Friday night conversation after a long and  exhausting week at work.  It feels like you can pull up to the mic with them, pour up a drink and join the conversation.

  • Levar Burton Reads

I just recently started listening to Levar Burton Reads after listening to an episode of The Read in which  he was a guest on and he talked about his podcast.  I decided to check it out for a couple reasons; 1) I wanted to expand the genre of  stories I was into, 2) I am trying to get into this audiobook thing and what better way to start than through a podcast dedicated to listening to Levar Burton read stories?!

  • hey, girl

hey, girl  is  a podcast that I listen to to weekly sometimes as my self-care.  The podcast is made up of different interviews conducted by alex elle with different  women  from  all w alks of life.  Each woman sits down and  discusses a different topic;  from  divorce,  to m ental h ealth,  to activism, to trying to conceive.  These women have chosen to open up and have some of the tough conversations and open up like you wouldn’t believe.

These are the top 6  podcasts I am in love with right now, and probably won’t ever stop listening to!

What about you guys, what podcasts do you all listen to?? Leave a comment and let me know!!