A Low Down Dirty Shame 

Q: What is something I am ashamed of? How can I deal with this?

Have you ever done something and felt utterly embarrassed or ashamed of yourself; or at least known in your heart of hearts that you didn’t want anyone to know about it because you knew if someone found out, you’d be ashamed of yourself?  Well, I believe we all have a deep dark secret that we don’t want anyone to know about. And truth be told, if someone did know, then it wouldn’t be so secret now would it? LOL.

So, when we’re stuck in sticky situations like this; when you’re caught in an embarrassing situation and you’ve found yourself at the end of your shameful business being put on front street, what do you do??

First, the only thing you can do is just own your truth.  Once someone knows, there’s really no need to try and lie.  For one, were entirely too old to be lying about things, sis.  Sometimes, the truth shall set us free, and there’s nothing better than seeing someone stand in their truth, than fumble around within a bed of lies.

Second, learn to let it go. We’ve all had things happen in our lives that we are not happy about. I know I’ve done many things that I was truly ashamed to admit I’ve done. The best thing about those things is that I’ve learned a lesson from them, and I’ve moved on. I don’t let those shameful things define me and I don’t dwell on my past behaviors.

Third, never make the same mistakes twice. You may have done something you’re not too proud of once in life, but the key is to dust yourself off, keep on moving and don’t ever go back and make the same mistake twice. There’s no need to shame yourself more than once with the same situation! I know in life, we will all encounter some embarrassing moments, but the less we can repeat, the better!


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