#50Days50Questions: Use What Ya Got! 

What are my talents? Am I utilizing them? How can I use them more?

Hmmm…..my talents.  I guess if we’re counting; I have two. 

Obviously, I’d like to think one of my talents is writing (lol).  I also enjoy singing, but it’s definitely something I keep under wraps.  I’m one of those people you will hear say “I only sing for the Lord and in the shower” which is kind of true, LOL.  I usually sing in church, and I sing in the car and in the shower.  So, honestly, if you ever want to hear me sing those three places might be the places to catch me.  

As for if I’m utilizing that talent, I guess you could say no.  I’m not necessarily using it for any type of personal or professional gain, and I don’t anticipate doing so.  I enjoy singing for the sheer joy of singing.  It’s a talent I have, but it’s merely there just for the fact that I love to do it.  I don’t really want to gain anything from it except to put a smile on someone’s face if I can :). 

For writing, I believe that it is my number one talent.  I used to be very modest about it and say “oh I’m an ok writer” or “I’m not a big deal”.  One thing I told myself I would start doing is being very arrogant about myself; because if I don’t boost up my own head, who will?  So instead, I will say I am THE best writer I know 🙂 (ok, maybe not THE best, but I’d like to think I’m pretty good).

The next question is am I utilizing my talent; the answer to that is yes, I am now.  Before, I was very guarded in who and how I exposed my writing.  Now, I’ve become more public with it.  I’ve tried to put myself out there and be more fearless with sharing my gift with the world.  I figure, God blessed me with this ability; why not share it with people?  So that’s what I’m doing now.  

Overall, I’m not saying I’m loaded with all these talents; but I have some pretty cool ones.  If I keep utilizing them regularly, maybe they will turn into something successful.  Until then, they are just two things I thoroughly enjoy doing in my free time ☺️. 

Photo cred: Google image search