Self-Care Sunday Highlight: People

Aligning yourself with the right people can be some of the best therapy you can attain.

Some may look at people and think “nah. When I’m about self-care it’s just about me”. I feel you, and I agree; most of my self-care is selfish me time and I don’t want to be bothered with the foolishness.

But sometimes, I need my best friend to make me laugh and keep me sane; or I need my mom to give me some encouragement, I need my sister for support, I need my husband for affection, or even my daughter for her innocent joy.  Each person I hold close to my life, gives me something that can bring me out of my darkest moments. This is why I say having people is important; because sometimes, you don’t want to be alone. Sometimes self-care means leaning on someone you love and letting them pour some love and care into you.

Sometimes, we go through things in solitude and don’t look for those special people in our lives to complete us.  I believe that everyone in my life is a piece of my puzzle.  Everyone takes a specific shape and size; and in some unique way, they fit.  Self-care is looked at as a one-person ideal; however, sometimes part of caring for yourself is remembering you have a supporting cast behind you to always keep you whole.

This week, be sure to identify those special puzzle pieces in your life, and let them love, care and support you while you do so for yourself.