Sneak Peek: How it Really Went Down

Check out the sneak peek preview of the introduction of my e-book, How it Really Went Down 🙂

Whitney N. Cason

In honor of my book’s one year anniversary, I present to the world the introduction to my e-book titled How it Really Went Down!  Check out how Liyah plans on telling her side of how things went down between her, Chante and Trey!


When you have known someone almost your entire life, you find it hard to believe that in an instant, they can be your worst enemy.  Never in a million years did I think that Chante and I would become this way.

Chante and I were more than best friends; we were sisters.  She always said “blood couldn’t make us any closer” and she was right.  Chante was my right hand and I was her left.  We were there for each other throughout all of life’s good times and bad; there was nothing we wouldn’t do for each other.

So, I’m sure you all are wondering…

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