I took the other day off from work to try and just get my life all the way together.  I’ve had a long 2 weeks so far (October is moving at lightning speed for me) and I just needed a break to do absolutely nothing.

While I was tackling the task of “doing nothing” I decided to do a little reflective thinking; I like to call these #DoloConversations, because I’m not having them with anyone but myself.  It was actually pretty nice to sit around with only myself and actually think about some of the important aspects of my life.

I got to thinking: how many of us really take time out to do these things? Most of the population are working people, married, children, and several other life events going on that take them away from themselves.  I wonder, how many of us take the time out to really sit back and say “well how is MY life going?”  I mean, sure we know our children are happy and healthy, your significant other is happy, the people on your job are satisfied with your performance; but what about YOU? Who’s sitting back and monitoring your personal well-being?  Most times, that comes from self evaluation, and if we don’t have time to do it for ourselves, we are probably one task away from blowing our tops!

So with this, I encourage everyone to take some time out in the near future and take care of yourself, whether it be doing your favorite hobby, or doing absolutely nothing.  Have a #DoloConversation with yourself and have a great day full of positivity and high energy!