#InsecureHBO: The Recap!

Ok, so THANK YOU Issa Rae for making a show that speaks to so many other aspects of my life!

I was able to finally watch Insecure yesterday (because trying to find access to someone’s HBOGO has been a bitch) on YouTube (once again, THANK YOU).  Word to the wise, if you watch it at work, put in some headphones because this show don’t play, lol.

The show starts off with Issa  presenting a program for her nonprofit “We Got Y’all”, which is ironically created by a white woman who is trying her best to make it appear as if she is one with the culture (I mean, the whole dap situation really got me lol).  Issa is in the most awkward situation ever; presenting her program to some middle school youth, and trying really hard to get them engaged and on board.  If you have had any contact with adolescents in 2016, you already know that this was a tragic scene and could possibly cause some forms of mild depression because these youngin’s do NOT have any sympathy for your life.  One mentioned her talking like a white woman, another made fun of her hair like she accidentally made it that way.  Another even insinuated that she was an angry bitter black woman (per her father), which she tried to explain that women are not bitter, we are just tired of settling for less than what we deserve (damn right, Issa!).  Of course, Issa has to try and defend all this, and it is a meltdown to say the least, which ends in one of the children roasting her outfit and the whole classroom erupting in laughter at her expense…Tra-gic.

So, to give a brief synopsis of this show:

First, you have our protagonist and “Awkward Black  Girl”, Issa.  Issa is a 29-year old woman with a job she enjoys, a man and an awesome best friend.  Now, let’s dissect these things real quick because I don’t want y’all to get confused on how she seems like a fairly “normal” woman in 2016.

Issa is the clear and obvious token at her job (I am assuming because they feel like all Black people have an inside track on all experiences of Black people).  She has a #Bae, who she openly admits that he will never be #ForeverBae because he doesn’t seem to have his shit together in any way, and he appears very content and comfortable with that.  Issa clearly wants more and wants him to be great; however, it seems that he is giving minimal effort, and doesn’t seem to see anything wrong with that.  Issa on the other hand, ain’t havin’ it no more.  One scene shows how Issa kind of went off and kind of broke up with him; but we aren’t quite sure yet (I guess we will need to stay tuned to see how this plays out, lol).

She also has her best friend,  Molly, who has all of her ish together career-wise and can make friends and adapt to any situation you put her in, but is struggling in the love department.  She is trying so hard to find that #BlackLove that is hot in the streets right now, but no Black man is willing to give her that time (yet we watch how Molly’s world crumbles when she finds out her Asian co-worker got fiancee’d up by her #BlackBae).  She has tried to convince herself that she is working towards finding love with the non-Black man; however, it seems they aren’t looking for long term love either…so, there’s that.

Let’s talk about this fine ass ex Issa has though!!  So, Issa has this ex, Daniel, who she still has the feels for, but of course is committed to her boo thang.  In on scene, you see him message her on FB “happy birthday”, but makes sure he adds that “I miss you” on the end (I see what you doin, playa!), and it makes Issa feel all warm and fuzzy inside.  You can tell that Issa feels that she could be in a far more better position with Daniel than she is with Lawrence right now, and wants to have more with him because clearly, Lawrence is not up to her standards (as she indicates how she must have lowered them when she got with him).  In the end though, it appears that although Daniel got real Drake on em and met up with Issa with a bottle of Moscato after an open mic night party, it seems as if Issa was looking to get wifed up, and Daniel just wanted to put his D in the V for old times’ sake (Damn!).

Also, let’s not forget “Broken  P***y”…because that was hilarious!  I’m not going to give away that piece; you will have to click the link in order to see how Issa and Molly expand on the dynamics of that, lol.  Word to the wise though, if you tell your bestie she has a broken p***y, do not rap about it in public!!

The episode definitely gives you a close look into Issa’s life and brings light to a lot of issues that Black women are going through at this time; such as life, love, self-confidence and self-esteem.  Basically, the show is for any woman who is right in the middle of extraordinary Black women who has all of it together, and sassy Black woman with all the attitude that no one ever likes.  Issa is truly the “awkward Black girl” in all of  us.  I can’t wait to watch the entire series because I feel there are so many opportunities for real conversation behind the life of your average Black girl; there are so many of us out there, that we tend to get hidden amongst everyone else.

Let’s just say that between Issa’s mirror conversations, the ill rhyming skills, and the friendship-ending argument that did not actually end the friendship,  Insecure is now going to be one of those must-see shows for me each week!  From start to finish, I couldn’t help but continue to repeat the phrase “Oh My God, this is my life!” LOL.


Be sure to check out Insecure on HBO every Sunday at 10:30pm!!!