Say His Name Too.

Charles Kinsey has been added to the list of victims of police shootings.  He was unarmed and fully complying with law enforcement.

The only difference between him and others is that he fortunately lived to tell his story.

Charles Kinsey was assisting with an autistic patient who recently had an incident and left the facility.  He was merely trying to help him, when the police arrived.  It is reported that they were responding to an anonymous call that stated that there was an armed man threatening suicide.  The video shows the autistic patient sitting next to Mr. Kinsey’s feet, playing with the toy truck that was alleged to be a gun.  Mr. Kinsey is on the ground, hands in the air in an attempt to fully comply with the officers, even though guns were drawn on the two of them.

Even after attempting to allow the police to understand that what was reported was not what was going on, they still preceded to shoot Mr. Kinsey; a man who was simply doing his job by trying to protect a patient.

I ask myself, why did they need their guns to still be drawn when you can clearly hear Mr. Kinsey try to deescalate and tell the police that the man is autistic, he’s a behavioral therapist and he nor the patient has a firearm?

And the most gut-wrenching part of this incident, is when Mr. Kinsey asks the officer why he shot him, the officer replies, “I don’t know.”

I pray that justice is served in this matter, just like I pray for all the other victims to receive justice.  Most times, that is a victory we never see; however, I am hoping that this situation yields a different and more satisfying result, as the victim is alive and there is no way to frame it for what it isn’t.

CNN: Miami shooting: Man shot by cops was lying down with hands up, lawyer says

Photo Cred: Miami Herald