In a Rut 


I hate my poetry rut….

The one where I can’t quite find the right words or make the right phrases flow like poetic gospel. UGH! 

Hopefully I’ll be out of this rut soon. I would really like to perform something at the next open mic night, but if I don’t have anything that’s worth it, I won’t. I would like to have something halfway decent at least. Lol

*sigh* the life of a struggling poet lol 

4 thoughts on “In a Rut 

  1. KJoyWrites – Where reality meets emotions.. Speaking to you through me. Live. Love. Encourage. Inspire The author of poetry book, Escaping the Darkness of My Heart
    KJoyWrites says:

    I think we all get in a rut with writing. I’m currently in one with writing my novel, but this too shall pass.

  2. 4everQuixotic – I know you've heard this before but there are people in my head. A few of them are good and then there are the bad ones too. Together we muse quite often on the absurdities of life. This is our minutes of meetings.
    4everQuixotic says:

    I’ve been in a similar rut. Not just with poetry but writing as a whole – I’m feeling lost. A lot of personal conflict going on and it’s clouding my thoughts and actions. I’m not sure how to overcome it but something that my mom says in prayer before entering a possible argument is “Dear Lord, let my words flow like a calm river.” So, Whitney, I pass those on to you! 🙂

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