Day 3: Skin Intolerance

A prose about Skin:

My skin….is tired.  My skin feels powerless.  There are people in this world, who have depleted my skin of its beauty, shine and luster and replaced it with sorrow, shame and insecurity.  My skin has seen it’s impact on this world, this cold world with a cold soul.  It brings fear unto those who misunderstand.  It brings disgust to those who just do not comprehend.  It brings unjust behavior to those who feel I am insignificant.  It bears distrust to those who see me as an animal and not an individual.  I cannot begin to describe how tiring it is to defend the honor of my skin; to educate those on the value I hold.  So many of us have to fight for our skin, to show that we are not animals, or ignorant beings.  One day I pray for the opportunity for people to look within and beyond my skin…because I’m not sure how much more it can take.