Day 4: Imperfect

I may not have the cutest face,  Or waltz around as if I have extraordinary poise and grace,  But through all my flaws,  You see me; and all  in all,  That’s all the matters in the first place.  🙂

Day 3: Skin Intolerance

A prose about Skin: My skin….is tired.  My skin feels powerless.  There are people in this world, who have depleted my skin of its beauty, shine and luster and replaced it with sorrow, shame and insecurity.  My skin has seen it’s impact on this world, this cold world with a cold soul.  It brings fear…

Blogging 201, Day 2: Kindred love: an Ode to Kynnedy ( the Acrostic)

Kindred love, Your existence means more than words can say, No ways to define the joy you bring to my heart, Never will our bond break under the pillars of life’s struggles, Everlasting, unconditional love is what I promise to you, Dear sweet child of mine, You are my kindred love, forever and always. Today’s…

Blogging 201: Day 1: What Lies between us

So, I started the Blogging 201 Poetry challenge, and my first task was to write a poem about a screen.  This was sort of difficult, but I did my best…lol. Enjoy You hinder our touch; Obstacle confines us; yet, Our love wavers, not.