Letter to my Daughter:


My daughter just celebrated her birthday on 4/25, and I have been in reflection this entire weekend about her first year.  I have wanted to do this type of post for a while, and i figure now is as good a time as any…so here goes.


I sit here speechless as I recall the events surrounding the celebration of your birth.  I am so blessed that you are now a year old.  So much has gone on in these 365 days, and I have cherished every memory we have created. From the moment you opened your eyes to me, I knew that I would do all I could to make you proud to have me as a mother, as I am already more than proud to have a daughter like you. 

There is so much I am thankful for that came in the form of you.  I thank you for bringing a joy to my heart in the darkest of hours.  You are my sunshine amongst the clouds and the light of my life.  I thank you for being patient with me as I embarked on a journey with you, in being your protector, nurturer and provider.  Thank you for bringing out the best in me. You showed me that there was a strength in me that I never knew I had. 

I watch you in awe of the things you do each day.  I can already see your spirit will always be inviting.  You will always be seen with a smile on your face and a glow that is unparalelled. Positivity already shines from within you, love. 

Although you are only 1, I pray for the woman you will grow up to be. I ask God to keep you covered in Him, and then I know you will never change who you are.  I ask God to allow the warmth in your heart and your kindness to be qualities that never waver.

I thank God for all He has done and all he will do for you, my child. I pray for many more memories, and an abundance of happiness for your life.

I love you, Kynnedy. And I pray our bond grow stronger and stronger for years to come.