Happy Birthday.

My child,

Please forgive me, for I may not always do my best by you, but I would give my life for yours at a moments notice.

I may not always know the rhythm of your existence, but I will dance beside you anyway.

My timing may be skewed; when you need me I may be distant and when you seek independence I may hover,

But know it is because the beat of my heart changed to match yours on that sunny afternoon in April.

You may find it odd that I stare at you for countless minutes while you sleep.

Or want to hold you even when you don’t want to be held,

But I know that you will live on past me so I need to take any opportunity as a chance to make memories with you.

So when I’m gone, you can always have our moments to put on repeat in your mind.

I knew you would always be a part of the reason I lived, so I tried to make better efforts in your name.

I hope one day you can look back and say you were proud of me, that you were honored that God made us soul mates.

When I watch you, you know, those times when you don’t notice me watching you,

I wonder if God made a mistake.

Did He really believe I was able to handle the amount of love I have for you in this lifetime?

Because my one fear in this world is that I won’t have enough time..

I won’t have enough time to give you every ounce of the love I have for you in this lifetime.

I only pray that I tell you I love you enough.

I hope that I hug you enough,

That I give you enough kisses,

That I make you laugh enough.

And even if I gave you enough of all of these things to last 5 lifetimes, I would still feel like I need to do it all just one more time for good measure.

I don’t know if there’s enough love to go around after you’ve stolen my heart.

As I watch you, even when you don’t notice me watching you.

Praying that you know that I’ll always love more than my soul could possibly take.

My child,

Always remember that our love is the happy place that I’ve longed for,

And I pray one day you will know this love all your own.




Tuesday marked the 28th year the Lord has blessed me with life.  I didn’t do much, aside from the adult obligations (license renewal and registration lol), but I enjoyed the day doing some things that I wanted to do.

I took a lot of time to reflect on the things I want to accomplish in #Year28.  I got a few things in my head:

  • Publish #PWF
  • Continue to work on my writing/poetry/spoken word
  • Read more books
  • Start saving money

So far, I think that’s a healthy list of things to try and accomplish until next November lol. I am also blessed for the things I have accomplished from 27 to 28.  My daughter still has her 10 fingers, toes and her bubbly personality, so I am doing something right.  I got a promotion at my job and have finally felt like I have found my career path.  I have been married for 3 years and I am learning more and more on how to improve myself, so that I can be the best self in my marriage.  I also started writing poetry pretty heavy again this year and wrote a book (still can’t believe this one)!  I think life is dealing me a pretty decent hand and I’m not complaining.  I will admit I have my days, but overall, I continue to pray and let God show me the way I need to go!

I’m raising a glass to #Year28 and claiming that this will be an amazingly blessed and prosperous year for me!