Happy Birthday, Kynn.

Advertisements My child, Please forgive me, for I may not always do my best by you, but I would give my life for yours at a moments notice. I may not always know the rhythm of your existence, but I will dance beside you anyway. My timing may be skewed; when you need me IContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Kynn.”


Advertisements Tuesday marked the 28th year the Lord has blessed me with life.  I didn’t do much, aside from the adult obligations (license renewal and registration lol), but I enjoyed the day doing some things that I wanted to do. I took a lot of time to reflect on the things I want to accomplishContinue reading “#Year28”

Letter to my Daughter:

Advertisements My daughter just celebrated her birthday on 4/25, and I have been in reflection this entire weekend about her first year.  I have wanted to do this type of post for a while, and i figure now is as good a time as any…so here goes.