Happy Birthday.

Advertisements Whitney, I bet the world would be stunned if you told them you didn’t think you’d make it to this day. But you did. This year you found out, you were flawed like hell. You’re not that great of a person, and you can’t make things perfect. You can’t control anything except your actionsContinue reading “Happy Birthday.”

Forgiveness Is Truly a Gift

Advertisements Learning the new developments of the Rae Carrutth story have taught me nothing more than this one conclusion; forgiveness is truly a gift for those who have studied and learned it thoroughly. A couple of days ago, you may have seen an article or two come out about a 15-page letter that Mr. CarruthContinue reading “Forgiveness Is Truly a Gift”

Letter to my Daughter:

Advertisements My daughter just celebrated her birthday on 4/25, and I have been in reflection this entire weekend about her first year.  I have wanted to do this type of post for a while, and i figure now is as good a time as any…so here goes.