Self-Care Sunday: Phone Fasting

Sometimes we spend more time in our phones than we think. I know I’ve procrastinated my way through hours just scrolling through social media looking at the latest news and/or gossip, or checking an email that has caused me to lose hours working on one task.  All of these things happen when my intention was to leave my phone alone!  Nex tthing I know, hours have passed and the original reason I was supposed to be relaxing has long gone, and I am kicking myself for not relaxing my mind and de-stressing myself.


How many of you all can say that you could use a good fasting from your phone for a couple hours? *raises hand in haste*  Exactly!  I agree that  this  iPhone is one of the most powerful tools in my arsenal for many benefits when it comes to  my creative endeavors; however, it is also the curse that allows me to never get any rest.

This week, we should all try fasting from your phone at least for an hour a day. Here are a few things you can do to start taking intermittent fasting periods from your phone:

  • Taking your phone and putting it on silent for an hour  or 2
  • Ignoring all emails and text messages that are work/business related
  • Taking a break from social media and “gossip” for a  couple hours hours  a night

Try setting a timer on your phone and step away from it and find something to do for an hour that has nothing to do with your phone.   If you  need ideas on what to do, here are a couple that I plan on  doing:

  • Journaling
  • practicing yoga/meditation
  • playing with my daughter
  • reading
  • resting (which may turn into a nap LOL)

These are just a couple of things that you can do without the use of a phone; and even though it is tempting to want to grab the phone to check your emails or SnapChat during the day, I think an hour a day will keep the stress from our phones away ;).