Make Time for Your Creative Side, Too!

As creatives, most of us aren’t blessed enough to make a living off what we’re truly passionate about. Whether it be writing, photography, painting, etc; for those who have made a successful living off of it, I applaud you. The rest of us; well, we have what I call a “regular” job to keep us afloat and pay the bills, and do our best to make time for our passion after work.

It is difficult at times to try and fit everything into a day (how I wish there were more than 24 hours); however, the most important thing you can do is make time for the passion in your life. As a creative, the thing that keeps us going is usually the moment we get off work, so we can go really work on our other dreams. We want to stay up all night researching, learning, creating and doing; but we know we can’t because eventually we have to go to bed and wake up for work (blah!).

I think the one thing that keeps me going is the fact that I find so many things fascinating. I’ve started to expand my creative side into more areas and found ways to keep my mind going on learning and researching new things. I’m always wanting to learn and grow and be better than I’ve ever been. I know what it requires and I know what is needed, so I am able to adjust and schedule my life to make time for the things that matter and what I want to focus my time on.

Because I have such a demanding job, I’ve learned that making time for my creative endeavors is just as important and just as meaningful to me as my actual profession. I still have hopes that I will be able to live off writing, or do photography on the side as a freelancer one day; but until then, I will continue to hone my craft, research, learn and grow until my moment comes. The goal is to never get tired of what you’re passionate about; because if you never get tired, you’ll always keep striving and achieve whatever goal you put in front of you. 🖤