Make Time for Your Creative Side, Too!

As creatives, most of us aren’t blessed enough to make a living off what we’re truly passionate about. Whether it be writing, photography, painting, etc; for those who have made a successful living off of it, I applaud you. The rest of us; well, we have what I call a “regular” job to keep usContinue reading “Make Time for Your Creative Side, Too!”

Toni Morrison- The Source of Self-Regard

Memory (the deliberate act of remembering) is a form of willed creation. It is not an effort to find out the way it really was–that is research. The point is to dwell on the way it appeared and why it appeared in that particular way. – Toni Morrison, The Source of Self-Regard

Self-Care Sunday: Nourishing Your Creativity

Most of us are in the world of creative entrepreneurship. We all have our own jobs and professional endeavors; however, we also have separate creative projects, businesses or projects that we are building upon in hopes of one day that being our sole means of income or separate and second business business venture. Most ofContinue reading “Self-Care Sunday: Nourishing Your Creativity”

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