Congratulations on 1,000 Followers


When I started blogging in 2015, I didn’t really know what I wanted. I dnd’t really have many goals or achievements. I didn’t know what I wanted my blog to be, or where I wanted it to evolve to. So seeing this day was a far-fetched idea. To some, this may seem like a small feat; but for me, it’s the biggest hump I’ve had to get over in my blogging journey. After five years of blogging, I hit 1,000 WordPress followers!!!!

Now officially, when I combine my Mailchimp subscribers to this, I am at 1,040 subscribers total to my blog site!! This is beyond overwhelming, but very exciting to achieve.

Where it all began

Part of me never thought I would make it here. When I started blogging, it was more like a journal; a hobby that I had because I loved writing so much. I didn’t even know what I would write about. As the years went on, I learned more, developed my style and five years later; here I am.

Writing and blogging have always been my favorite past times. The more I continue to put forth knowledge and effort into growing my blog, the more I dream to make it a full-time lifestyle. Blogging full-time was never a goal of mine, but the longer I stay at it, and the more I see others achieve it; the more I realize I can do it as well.

Its Only up from Here

Now that I have achieved this milestone, it’s only up from here. I hope to continue to gain more followers, create more amazing content for the followers I already have, and I hope that I can really begin to make some type of impact in the blogging community. Now that I have accomplished this, I can’t say that no goal is too small. I can conquer the world now that I’ve conquered this. 🙂

Cheers to 1,000 followers; and a huge THANK YOU to any and every single person who clicked that follow button, or subscribed via email and reads my blog. You inspire me more and more each day to continue to do this work. I will forever be grateful for all of you.

Here’s to Write, Live and Love. And here’s to the next 1,000, and the next, and the next.

8 thoughts on “Congratulations on 1,000 Followers

  1. PoojaG – So this is my first blog and I'm gonna be writing mainly about a lot of things to do with poetry, inspirational posts, mental health and literature so be sure to follow me if you like weirdly awesome things!
    PoojaG says:

    Wow that’s amazing congratulations!!

  2. Congratulations! I’m a way off that yet and I feel like I’ve hit a flattening off of growth. But my blog isn’t about readership or popularity, just about emptying my head and heart and hopefully making connections along the way.

    1. Hey if that’s the goal then you’re already there!! But what I’ve always tried to remember is patience is everything and if I’m making an impact to at least 1 person, at least I’m doing something good !!

  3. Operation X – Operation X is a team of young and enthusiastic language learners who wish to save, promote and study (critically) endangered languages. We have already adopted Klaaifrysk, Aasters, Eilauners and Hielepes.
    Operation X says:

    After five years of blogging, you managed to achieve an admirable result. It is truly wonderful that so many people follow you now!

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