Self-Care Check-in’s

I’ve been telling myself that I wanted to start a daily morning and nightly routine in centering my mind and enhancing my self-care. Part of it starts with a system of accountability. In today’s climate, we have a little more time than ever on our hands. This is probably the perfect time to establish a routine for yourself to boost up your self-care, because it’s pretty important to stay checked in mentally and emotionally as we navigate the current state of the nation.

I found this picture on an Instagram page that I follow and I thought it was the perfect way to get myself back in line with my self-care routine. These are pretty straightforward questions to ask yourself if and when you need a boost of confidence, or you need to re-center yourself after having a rough day/week/month.

I decided to write each question on a sticky note and place it on my bathroom mirror. That way, I will at least see the questions and reflect on them in the morning before work and at night before bed. These questions really make you sit and think hard about the answer. I am going to challenge myself for the next week to answer these questions honestly and truthfully.

I challenge you to do the same!