Be Unapologetic AF! *A Public Service Announcement*

Why do we continuously feel the need to be sorry for how we choose to live our lives?

In case no one has told you, you don’t owe anyone in life anything. You don’t owe anyone an explanation on the choices you make in regards to your life. You only owe it to yourself to love yourself, live your fullest life; and you deserve to do it unapologetically.

No one should make choices for you, or judge you for the choices you make. There is no handbook on life, which means that it’s up to any and everyone’s interpretation.

What and how you interpret your life to be, is no one’s decision but your own. Make your mistakes, learn the lessons that are most applicable to your life, and freely choose to be whoever it is you want to be. Do not allow society to restrict you to what they believe is how life should go for you. We are not cookie-cutter human beings. We have different upbringings, cultural differences, family and lifestyle dynamics; how dare society peg us and make us fit into what they believe is “normal.”

Be unapologetic. Unapologetic As Fuck. Do not live your life at the expense of anyone. Pick the road less traveled because it’s what you want. Be your own person and love the shit out of yourself and those around you.

Don’t ask for the approval of anyone, because your life is your own and you deserve to live it freely.



Be Careful What You Project on Others 

Have you ever gotten into an argument or disagreement with someone, and found yourself trying to push your feelings or emotions onto another person; and continuously gottten upset when they don’t see things your way?  Or did you want someone to feel the same way you felt about something, so you decide to try and push whatever agenda or feelings that you have about a situation on them so they can feel just as sad at?  If you have felt this way before, then it’s safe to say that you may have been projecting your negative vibes onto other people, and that’s not what’s up, friends.

So, let’s dissect this, shall we?

What does it mean to project anyway? The definition of project is to transfer or attribute one’s own emotion or desire (another person) to, especially unconsciously. Which means, whenever you’re feeling, jealous, angry, sad, upset, insecure, fearful, anxious, etc. you can project these emotions onto others around you, and allow them to feel the same way.

So, I’m sure you’re asking yourself; what would make someone want to project their negativity onto someone else?  I believe its because it feels good to us.  The truth is hurtful and we don’t want to be exposed to any parts of it by ourselves if we don’t have to be; so instead, we decide to push our feelings and insecurities off on people so intensely that they begin to feel as if they are theirs as well.  Before we know it, we have projected some negative vibes into the atmosphere and the reality of the situation is, we are still wallowing in our feelings alone, and all we’ve done is pissed some innocent people off in the process.

As I was digging into this subject, I began to ask myself some questions:

  • Do people find it easier to project their emotions onto others? Does it give them a sense of relief?

I believe for some people, it does.  I think for some, it serves as a defense mechanism.  If they are able to take that feeling and pass it off to someone else, and feel as if that burden is no longer theirs, then they are no longer worried or concerned.

  • Do you consider how you’ve affected someone else emotionally with your negative projections?

I will admit that I have attempted to project my emotions onto someone in the past, and I was called out on it.  There was a discussion about it and the air was clear.  After that, I was able to recognize how I contributed to that, and I do my best to not project on others.  I have learned from my mistakes (because I’m human enough to admit I am not perfect and I have done this before), and I work hard not to do it again, because it is not a good thing to do to anyone.

  • Is it possible to project positive emotions?

The last question was actually one I got listening to a podcast, and it made me think.  I don’t believe there is a way that you can project positive emotions, by definition.  If I am attempting to transfer my emotions onto someone else, I am basically trying to force the way I think, feel and believe onto someone else; which could be possibly setting myself up for disappointment in the long run.  I feel like your intentions may be good; however, the overall intent will still be lost, and in the end, someone will end up on the losing end of it either way.

So, with all this being said; I leave you with this question that I even asked myself:

How can we prevent negatively projecting our emotions on others?

One way I see doing this, is fully accepting our own emotions, and working through them like big girls and big boys should.  There are far too many instances when we project negatively on others, just to deflect what we truly want to feel and process ourselves, and that not only is unfair, but it’s also very toxic to spread that kind of negative energy around to others.  The best thing to do, is to begin to own up to whatever emotions your feeling, and learn how to deal with them as an individual and move on so that you don’t have to allow anyone to be subject to your projections.

5 Energy Shifting Techniques

If you have followed me, then you know that I have been making concerted efforts to balance my self-care and making it the top priority.  I was listening to a podcasts, and the topic of energy shifting was discussed.  I gave myself a little homework/reflective thinking assignment to think of 5 things that I use to help me shift my energy from negative to positive.  After a few minutes of really narrowing it down, I came up with the following techniques:

  1. Speak to yourself positively:  My day is not worth anything if I don’t try to say at least 1 positive thing about  life or myself  in the morning.  Sometimes, I cannot get out of bed until I tell myself that “things will not be bad” that day.
  2. Music: I could be having the absolute WORST day ever, and I could run to my TIDAL app, put on some music, and it LITERALLY changes my entire mood.  If I ever had to live my life without this specific outlet, I would probably in a horrible place.
  3. Movement: Exercise is crucial.  Movement is key.  Being in a job where I sit at a desk all day, it becomes very easy to forget to stand up at minimum.
  4. Shower: Who doesn’t  love a good shower?  I have taken showers to a whole different level these days; all with a little thing called exfoliation as well.  Nothing better than washing a bad day and negativity away with a steaming hot shower!!
  5. Kynnedy: This person is last; however, certainly not least.  My daughter is one of my favorite energy shifters,  because watching her grow and evolve is truly  breathtaking.  She is mature way beyond her 2 years, and she is very independent.  As much as her actions sometimes frustrate me a little, I can’t help but be in awe at how much she is growing into her own.  Seeing her face and hearing her yell “IT’S MY MOMMY!” and runs up to me and hugs me after her day at daycare, will wipe away any negativity that happened in that day.  She is my best gem.


I would love to hear from you guys! I shared my 5 favorite energy shifting techniques, what are yours?  Comment below!


It’s morning, a little before dawn,

before even the animals wake.

Before the sun breaks its silence over the sky,

and illuminates the sky.

My eyes open and embrace the day,

as it bids farewell to the night.

I sing praises to my Most High

for the opportunity to live life right for another 24 hours.

I revel in the peace of my space,

and how I can take precious moments to focus on each breath I take.

I enjoy this moment with myself,

this moment to meditate on the anticipated positivity that this day can produce.

I make amends with the past, love in the present,

and make hopes that the future is full of eternal tranquility.