Sometimes, Writing Sucks.

So, Let me be straight with all of you who love and adore me (lol).

Writing sucks. There, I said it.

This does not negate my overall passion for writing, because if I had my choice, I’d be on an island, in a beach house with the largest porch, at my writing desk, and listening to the waves crash up against the shore, and basking in the salty and dewy air. My hair would be desheveled, I’d have on a hoodie, no pants, no bra, and life would be great. Yes, I know that’s very visual but if you want greatness, you need to know my preferred comfort level. LOL.

Anywho, that is not happening, and right now, I am sitting in an office, on a gloomy Wednesday, in front of Playing with Fire II, and I’m completely lost.

So, vulnerable moment here: I too, am upset at the time it has taken me to write the sequel. I am downright disappointed in myself at the fact that It has taken nearly 3 years to complete this; however, this has occurred for several reasons. One of which, my personal and professional environments had become very toxic for a long time, and I lost the love and passion I had for writing. I couldn’t get words on the page to save my life. There was a point where I had not even opened my laptop at home to write for over 6 months. It was a very difficult time.

Little by little, I am getting the spark back, and every day I try to tinker around on my laptop in hopes of sparking an astronomical wave of ideas that lead to a hefty word count I can be proud of. So far, no dice; but, such is life as a writer.

So, I titled my post Writing Sucks because it does. I know some people joke and play about me completing my second book, and I know it is all in fun; but I want people to understand that in order to create your best work, there are going to be periods of time where crap just doesn’t go your way. It sucks, plain and simple. But, I’m finding my way back again. Finding my way towards writing everyday until my fingers cramp. Writing every last thing that comes into my head, whether it makes sense or not. I am finding the passion to write and give you all the best version of myself on these pages; and it feels great.

So, continue to bare with me as I navigate this adventurous, yet sometimes worrisome process. I promise I will give you all something to enjoy. 🙂


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