Once I’m Gone

Just a little something I wrote, but never let the world see…

I tried so hard to be perfect for you,
Changed my ways, changed my look, even sacrificed for you,
I thought changing me would make you see that this was all real to me,
But in time, I found that nothing I would do could change you.

No matter how many nights I spent with tears soaking my pillow; our backs turned while I asked God why is this happening to me,
Why is what I thought was going to be the best thing that ever happened to me, turning out to be my worst nightmare.
I begged to know why I still wasn’t enough for you to find worth in.

I believed there was something wrong with me, in an effort to justify your thought process,
Put myself down, in order to build you up
All in the end to find out that no matter what I did, you would never change for me

Maybe you’ll care for me once I’m gone.
No matter what capacity that may be.
Maybe the emotional turmoil I felt when trying to simply love you will all make sense, once there is no one begging for your attention.


**Never give your all to someone who doesn’t appreciate it.  Work hard for someone who is willing to put forth the same effort as you, and you will then find the true meaning of love.