Life Isn’t Linear: How Getting from Point A to Point B Gets Interesting

How many of us get from Point A to point B in straight path with no issues or bumps along the way?
None of us?  Thought so, lol.
I don’t know anyone who has taken a straightforward route to get to where they are today.  The pathway to success is not a guaranteed “one-way street” and it is definitely not one that will not take you on a journey that will not test you.  Sometimes, we get to live our best lives, but getting to our finish line means taking some crazy routes along the way.
Up to this point, if you asked me if I ever imagined life would go this way, or turn out the way that it has for me, I would have never guessed that things would have taken the twists and turns that they have.  I cannot say that some of the things I have been proud of, and I DEFINITELY am not going to sit here and say that I am happy with everything that has happened, because there are some times I wish I could turn around and do over (if there was a way to turn back time and see if there was an alternate route, don’t you wish I would do that in a heartbeat?!); but more than ever, I am happy about the lessons this life has taught me.  I am proud of the path I have created for myself and the person I have grown into because of what this journey has taught me in the end so far.
I took this quote out of an article I read today and it couldn’t have rang more true:
“Nothing about your life is linear.  Your work will not be linear.  Your relationships will not be linear.  Your future will not be linear.”
I have never expected life to be a straight-laced, “A-to-Z” type deal.  I expect no circumstance in my life to be no different than the last one, and no life lesson to be the same than the last one.  Each experience that I deal with is nothing more than another stepping stone on my journey, another tool in my toolbox to build upon the wisdom I want to instill in those I encounter along the way; and especially for my daughter, who is now someone who has joined me along for this bumpy ride called life.
There will be days when I will take two steps forward, three steps backwards, five steps to the left and maybe even two more steps to the right.  No matter what may happen, all of these things will be happening for the good, and will get me moving towards what’s next for me.  No matter what my “Point B” will be, it will be faced with all the openness and the trust I have to offer it, because there’s no looking back for me now.