Self-Care Sunday: Baggage Claim

Bag lady…

You gon’ hurt yo back,

Draggin’ all them bags like that….

Why do we carry all of our baggage around with us in every situation in our lives? Why is it that with every negative experience, we don’t take time to release whatever it is and whatever weight that goes with that experience, so that we don’t carry that “baggage” with us wherever we go?

This week, I reflected on how much people tend to wear themselves down with the idea of carrying around old experiences and old wounds, and projecting those things negatively into new experiences and onto new people. By doing that, you already taint what good things you have going in your life, instead of taking the time to put those bags down and setting them aside once those past experiences are done and out of your life.

I believe that certain “baggage” in life is meant to either be carried with you throughout your life and be utilized, to be put aside and picked up again one day when up need it, or to put aside and released completely. It is up to you to discern what baggage is released or kept and when it is done. The key is to know when it is best to do these things, and not allow the things that need to be released to linger on in your life too long, for fear that they will effect positive outcomes in your life!!