Y’all, Oprah Wants No Part of This President Life.

I had an opportunity to watch Oprah’s speech during the Golden Globes, and I too was mesmerized by her words. They were powerful, poised and on point so much that she had everyone in the room on their feet giving her a well-deserved standing ovation.

What followed her speech was a flurry of tweets and social media posts eluding to Queen O for president in the 2020 year…..

I don’t think she said she was doing all that now.

While I do understand that not a day goes by that we as a Black community do not count the days until we are free of the regime that is the Trump Administration, I also do not agree that we want every person of color and elect that they should be the next president.  Why?  I mean, who would want that responsibility on them anyway?!

I don’t mean to stand on my soapbox for long, but I just have to say, let’s keep Queen O where she is for now.  I don’t want to sign a petition for her to be President 2020, nor would I hope no one forces her into it (which I doubt anyone can force Oprah to do anything, she’s good and grown).  I have never really seen her in many political realms, so she may not even be feeling this, y’all.  I think we should all just save the clip of her speech, play it like a TED talk when you are needing some inspiration or some motivational words, and move on from it.  Until then, unless the rumor comes from Oprah Winfrey herself that she is running for President, I don’t want no parts and I won’t support it until I see the “Oprah for President” bumper stickers in mass production.

To watch Oprah’s speech at the Golden Globes, click here!