Dear Faith,

I bet when you think about all the things that happened this year, one word has to come to mind; Faith. Had it not been for Faith, you wouldn’t have accomplished half the things you did.

2017 was filled with so many different complex emotions and issues for me; youve felt some of my lowest moments, while also experiencing some high points. Through it all, the only thing that brought you confidently to the end, was faith.

There were some points this past year where you just couldn’t get past being depressed, suffering from anxiety and even being diagnosed with chronic migraines. This was the first year you ever had to take any types of medications or even see any types of specialists. It definitely affected you mentally and emotionally. There were times you wanted to be upset, frustrated, scream, kick, cry, etc; and you did. You did all those things and still do sometimes, but you also try to stay grounded in the faith that this is only a temporary circumstance in your life, it will pass, and your health will improve. Until then, you have done everything to keep yourself well, from meditation to prayer to positive affirmations.

Despite the moments you wanted to let everything go, and through all the moments you felt like quitting, you continued to have the trust in faith that you will succeed and you will achieve things beyond your wildest imagination.

One of your biggest accomplishments; your baby, Writing in Color Publishing. You NEVER thought in this lifetime you would publish books under your own publishing company name. As an extension to that, you’ve even worked on expanding to editing and hopefully publishing other authors under your company in the coming years. All it took was the belief in faith that you could make this happen and you’ve already begun planning the next phases and how you want them to come into fruition.

You also challenged yourseld to be more affirming in positivity, and in October, created 62 affirmations. That was HUGE. Who would’ve thought you could generate 2 affirmations a day for an entire month, but you did and it was one of the most reassuring and positive months you had all year.

Overall, the year was one filled with growth, re-evaluation and reassurance. Faith continued to keep you uplifted and believing in your power to turn things around for the good. Without it, you wouldn’t be where you are today, 12.31.17.


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